SPEECH : School as Our Second Home



Good morning ladies and gentlemen !

I would like to introduce myself. My name is … . You can call me …

Today I want to tell you all about how school can be our second home. The first,  we need to know, what is school ? it’s a place where teacher meet students and it’s a place where students get many education. But not only education, students can get many friends and many experience too.

The second, we also need to know, what is happening in the school so that school can become the second home ? in the school, there are some regulation that students must to obedient it. If students break a or some regulation, that students must get a punishment. Not only that, that can make school become the second home. Character of teacher is the main factor of this motive. The meaning of “character of teacher” is when teachergive many education to their students, give advise to their students, guard their students, and responsible for their students. So, character of teacher is very help the students’ parents. Students’ parents are not necessary to thinking about their children in the school again. And with the school, students will be more educated and born in generations of young leaders and the successor to the nation in the future.

The third, you also must know if school have some facilities that can make the student feel comfort in school. Not only that, with some facilities in the school, students can feel that they are in their home where it can fill some wish that related with existing facilities.

There are all about my opinion. Thank you for your support. I’m sorry if there are some mistakes.

Good bye everybody.


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